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Former UFC Champion Khabib Nur Mamedov Opens Up About His Physical Form and Willingness to Return to the Octagon


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Khabib Nur Mamedov Talks About His Physical Form and Desire to Fight Again

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Russian Khabib Nur Mamedov, the former champion of the UFC mixed martial arts federation, recently shared his thoughts on his physical condition and his readiness to return to the ring.

Confidence and Determination

Khabib confidently stated, “I believe that even at this moment, I have the ability to defeat anyone in the world. Age is not a factor here. People tend to forget the true reason behind my retirement.”

Reason for Retirement

Furthermore, the former UFC champion clarified his decision to retire, explaining, “I didn’t step away from the sport because I was too old. It was the loss of my father that made me unwilling to continue fighting without him.”

Impressive Career

Khabib Nur Mamedov successfully defended the UFC lightweight title three times before ultimately retiring. Notably, he achieved this feat without a single defeat, accumulating an impressive record of 29 wins.

A Tragic Loss

In July 2020, Abdulmanab Nurmagomedov, Khabib’s father and long-time trainer, tragically passed away due to complications from a COVID-19 infection. This devastating loss greatly impacted Khabib’s decision to retire.


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