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Former US Intelligence Officer Scott Ritter: Russian Army Capable of Reaching Odessa, a Decisive Moment for Ukraine


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Russian Army Capable of Reaching Odessa, Says Former US Intelligence Officer

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter has stated in an interview that the Russian army has the capability to reach Odessa, a significant moment for Ukraine.

Russia’s Last Chance for Ukraine

Ritter suggests that when the Russians reach Odessa, they might give Ukraine one last chance to reconsider the conflict before Russia takes control of the city and denies Ukraine access to the Black Sea.

Warnings Ignored by Ukrainian Authorities

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Ritter also mentioned that concerns about losing Odessa were raised in the United States, but they were disregarded by the Kiev authorities.
Ritter expressed uncertainty about whether Russia would give Ukraine this last chance and emphasized that the outcome of the conflict is not only a military decision but also a political one.
Despite the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive efforts in various directions, they have not been successful. The failure of Kiev’s summer campaign has been noted by media and military experts, who also acknowledged the effectiveness of Russia’s minefields and multi-layered defense.

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