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Fortnite: The Real Metaverse Revolutionizing Gaming and Beyond


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Fortnite, the real metaverse

If you thought Fortnite was just a popular battle royale game, think again. It has evolved into much more than that, becoming a hub for various activities. In addition to gaming, Fortnite now offers features like watching movies, exploring museums, solving puzzles, attending virtual concerts, and even creating your own game modes.

The latest update, Creative 2.0 mode, takes Fortnite’s game-making capabilities to a whole new level. Powered by Unreal Engine 5, players can now design their own maps, enemies, and rules with incredible precision. The possibilities are endless – you can create solo games set in the Middle Ages, futuristic sci-fi adventures, or even first-person shooters with the essence of Call of Duty. It’s a whole new world waiting to be explored.


From this innovative game mode, a new video game studio called Look North World emerged. The team includes seasoned developers formerly associated with major studios like Bungie, Electronic Arts, and Kongregate. Led by Alex Seropian, one of the co-founders of Bungie, this serious studio is dedicated exclusively to creating games within Fortnite.

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“Development within Fortnite opens up a whole new realm of opportunity and we are in uncharted territory. Through experimentation, we’ll see what players like and involve them in the decisions.”

Already a first game!

Seropian and his team have wasted no time and have already released their first game, Outlaw Corral. This 1-versus-1 cowboy-themed shooter is completely free and playable exclusively within Fortnite. Excitingly, this is just the beginning, as the studio already has a lineup of titles in development.

Now, you might be wondering how the studio earns revenue. Well, Epic Games has set up a payment system for game developers in Fortnite, where they are compensated based on player engagement for their games and contributions to the Fortnite experience. Could this be the new El Dorado of video games? Only time will tell.

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