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Founder of Red 5 Studios Criticizes Starfield Splash Screen: A Closer Look at the Concerns and Pete Hines’ Defense


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Founder of Red 5 Studios Criticizes Starfield Splash Screen

Mark Kern, the founder of Red 5 Studios, recently expressed his criticism of the Starfield splash screen in a tweet directed towards Pete Hines, the Global Publishing boss at Bethesda Softworks. Pete Hines wasted no time in responding to these criticisms in a humble manner.

Concerns about Rushed Development

Kern implied that the initial menu of Starfield was created hastily or lazily, suggesting that the development team may have been pressured to complete it quickly to meet the game’s release deadline. Kern’s tweet questioned whether the flaws in the introductory screen indicated an overworked team or disinterest in the menu’s design.

Here is an excerpt from Kern’s statement:

“I believe that an intro can tell a lot about a video game, from developers’ pride in their project to the need to rush to bring it to market. And in the specific case of Starfield, the introductory screen shows the flaws of an overworked team, or is it a reflection of a team that wasn’t interested in working on that menu.”

Defense from Pete Hines

Pete Hines swiftly responded to Kern’s tweet, defending the work done by the Starfield development team, including the initial menu design.

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Here is Hines’ statement:

“Or they designed what they wanted and that was our menu for years and that was one of the first things we decided to put on it. Having an opinion is one thing. Questioning the ‘care’ of one developer because you would have done it differently is highly unprofessional if it comes from another ‘developer’.”

Hines’ use of quotation marks around the word “developer” suggests that he provided little clarification regarding Kern’s comment.

Recommendation from Pete Hines

Putting the contentious exchange behind, Pete Hines suggested watching the documentary before playing Starfield.

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