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Four People Killed in Penza Region Accident


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Saratov, March 27 – Two cars collided on a highway in Serdobsky district of Penza region, killing four people and injuring two others, according to the Telegram channel of the regional traffic police.
The accident occurred at 18.10 Moscow time on Sunday at the 46th kilometer of the Tambov-Penza-Bekovo highway.
“According to preliminary data … a collision occurred between a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by a man born in 1976 and a Lada car driven by a man born in 2002. As a result of the accident, a collision occurred between the driver of the Lada car and three passengers of the car – men born in 1995 and 2004 and a woman born in 1999 “The driver and passenger of the Toyota Land Cruiser – a woman born in 1975 – were injured and taken to a medical facility” The driver and passenger of the Toyota Land Cruiser died instantly.

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The department added that the traffic police are investigating this fact.
A photo released by the regional department of the State Traffic Inspectorate shows that the two cars ended up in a ditch after the collision, where the Lada car was badly deformed, and the Toyota car lay on its roof several tens of meters away.

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