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Fourth Aid Convoy Enters Besieged Gaza Strip through Egyptian Rafah Border Crossing


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Egyptian Aid Convoy Enters Gaza Strip Through Rafah Border Crossing

Aid continues to reach the besieged Gaza Strip as a fourth convoy entered through the Egyptian Rafah border crossing late Tuesday, as reported by the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Humanitarian Assistance from Egyptian Red Crescent

The Palestinian Red Crescent received a fourth batch of humanitarian aid from the Egyptian Red Crescent through the Rafah crossing. The aid consisted of eight trucks carrying essential supplies.

Types of Aid in the Convoy

The convoy included five trucks carrying water, two trucks containing food supplies, and one truck transporting medicines.

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Total Number of Aid Trucks Crossed So Far

This latest convoy brings the total number of trucks that have crossed the Rafah crossing into Gaza to 62, providing much-needed support to the affected population.

Background: Conflict and Siege

Following a surprise incursion by the Islamic resistance movement Hamas on October 7, Israel launched a sustained bombing campaign in Gaza. This led to a complete siege, cutting off food, fuel, and medical supplies to the residents of the Strip.

Human Cost of the Conflict

The conflict has resulted in a devastating loss of lives, with nearly 7,200 people killed. Among them, 5,791 Palestinians and at least 1,400 Israelis have tragically lost their lives.

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