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France Joins the Ranks of Hypersonic Missile Producers


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France was able to test its hypersonic missile for the first time after launching a prototype V-MAX guided warhead.

The Challenges newspaper reported that the French Ordnance Directorate (DGA) on Monday evening tested a model of the V-MAX hypersonic warhead for the first time at the Biscaroussi test site in the Landy department in southwestern France.

It is noteworthy that the white trail resulting from the flight of the rocket could be seen in the airspace of Toulouse, Montpellier, Aquitaine and over the Basque Country in northern Spain.

It is noteworthy that the rocket engine was manufactured by ArianeGroup with the participation of the French state aerospace laboratory Onera. The speed of the rocket can reach 6000 km/h. A platform was created specifically for its launch at the Biscarossi training ground.

It is worth noting that the French hypersonic missile development program was announced in 2019 by former French Defense Minister Florence Parly, who indicated that a number of countries possess such weapons. Now it’s France’s turn, which can’t wait. It was expected to test the first rocket model in 2021.

Earlier, the media reported that the company MBDA, which specializes in rocket science, announced its intention to produce a hypersonic anti-missile system within three years.

It is noteworthy that Russia and China have hypersonic weapons, and the Pentagon is also testing them. According to international media, this year Iran and North Korea joined the group of countries possessing hypersonic missiles, that is, at a speed exceeding the Mach number. 5 (about 6000 kilometers per hour).

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