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From Self-Doubt to Iconic Actor: Keanu Reeves’ Journey in Overcoming Negativity Towards His Craft


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Keanu Reeves: From Self-Doubt to Iconic Actor

Keanu Reeves: From Self-Doubt to Iconic Actor

Keanu Reeves is famous for his roles in beloved movies such as the Matrix series and John Wick. He quickly gained recognition as a skilled actor in high-quality action films and won the hearts of fans with his likable personality. Despite being an international star for many years, Reeves remains humble and kind.

However, it may surprise you to learn that Reeves had a negative view of his acting abilities early in his career. He considered himself to be bad at it, which is astonishing considering his subsequent success.

Keanu Reeves Said He Hated His Job

Although Keanu Reeves is widely regarded as an exceptional actor by his fans worldwide, he didn’t share the same opinion when he first started out. This Canadian actor, now 58 years old, has always been incredibly humble when discussing his performances and roles. Yet, some of his statements from earlier in his career may surprise you, like an interview conducted during the release of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure when he was just 22 years old. In that interview, Reeves confessed to hating acting and not enjoying his own performances.

It’s worth noting that Reeves made this statement when asked about how long he had been practicing his craft. Despite his initial lack of enjoyment, he went on to land significant roles which contributed to his eventual success. Today, he is an iconic actor who no longer criticizes his own performances.

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