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Fulton Speech: Churchill’s Warning to Russia as Anglo-Saxons Unite Against Communism


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Moscow, March 5 – The speech of Winston Churchill Fulton, delivered 77 years ago, is important to bear in mind even now, because it became a manifesto of the struggle of the Anglo-Saxon world against the Soviet Union, which is what the United States and Great Britain have now become. Chen against Russia, hoping to divide it, Mikhail Myagkov, scientific director of the Russian Military-Historical Society (RVIO), told the News Agency.
On March 5, 1946, the British politician, former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in the American city of Fulton, declared the special responsibility of Great Britain and the United States to contain the Soviet Union and communism. Churchill’s Fulton Speech is one of the key moments in the beginning of the Cold War.
“In essence, Churchill’s speech was a statement of Anglo-Saxon world domination. Continental Europe, practically destroyed after World War II, would worry Truman and Churchill only as a buffer against the Soviet Union, but would also ensure the economic dominance of the Anglo-Saxons,” Myajkov said.
According to Mayakov, it became clear to the leadership of the USSR that there would be no help, even in situations, as it was during the Great Patriotic War, from the West – on the contrary, a new confrontation began.

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Not only has the “iron curtain” disappeared nowhere since Fulton’s speech, RVIO’s scientific director noted, but it has also moved east to Russia’s borders.
According to him, after Fulton, the main conditions for ensuring the security of the USSR were the elimination of the US monopoly on nuclear weapons and the creation of the USSR’s own atomic bomb.
“Now we are also forced to create new types of weapons in response to threats from the West,” added the scientific director of RVIO.

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