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G20 Summit Concludes with Consensus on Ukraine Conflict: India Hands Presidency to Brazil


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The G20 Summit Concludes with India Handing Over Presidency to Brazil

The G20 summit in New Delhi recently concluded with India passing on the bloc’s presidency to Brazil. The United States and Russia found consensus at the summit, avoiding condemnation of Moscow over the war in Ukraine and instead calling on members to refrain from using force.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a virtual meeting in November to review the progress on the policy proposals and goals announced during the summit.

Leaders Declaration Avoids Condemning Russia

The G20 adopted a leaders’ declaration on Saturday that refrained from condemning Russia over the war in Ukraine. However, the declaration did emphasize the human suffering caused by the conflict and urged all countries to refrain from using force to seize territory.

Surprising Consensus Achieved Despite Differing Views

The consensus achieved at the summit was unexpected, considering the different views on the war in Ukraine leading up to the event. Western member states had demanded Moscow’s intervention, while Russia insisted on blocking any resolution that did not align with its position.

Russian Success and Global South’s Impact

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the summit was a success for both India and the Global South, which represents developing countries worldwide. Lavrov credited the Global South’s position in the talks for preventing Ukraine from overshadowing the G20 agenda.

Positive Reception of the Summit Declaration

The White House, Germany, and Britain praised the summit declaration for defending the principle of not using force to seize territory or violate the sovereignty of other states. However, Ukraine expressed its disappointment with the outcome.

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G20 Not the Platform for Diplomatic Progress on Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledged that the G20, originally established to address international economic issues, might not be the ideal platform for diplomatic progress on the war in Ukraine. Nevertheless, Macron highlighted that the G20’s announcement did not signify a diplomatic victory for Russia.

Concerns Over Russian Invasion’s Impact

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed concerns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could undermine cooperation within the G20 and have significant repercussions on the global economy, such as increased food and energy prices.

African Union Recognized as Permanent Member

The summit also recognized the African Union, consisting of 55 member states, as a permanent member of the G20. This decision emphasizes the bloc’s commitment to including more developing countries.

Discussion on Grain Deal and Visit to Gandhi Memorial

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey would continue discussions on the grain deal, expressing optimism about its revival. World leaders, including US President Joe Biden, paid a visit to the memorial of Mahatma Gandhi, walking barefoot as a sign of respect.

Challenges and Contentious Issues at the Summit

The G20 summit faced numerous challenges, particularly regarding the war in Ukraine. Svetlana Lukacs, a Russian government negotiator, highlighted the difficulties in reaching an agreement on major issues such as climate change and the transition to low-carbon energy systems. The war in Ukraine was the most contentious topic during the negotiations.

India, Brazil, and South Africa’s Crucial Roles

An anonymous EU official acknowledged India’s leadership and credited Brazil and South Africa for playing crucial roles in bridging differences and achieving the consensus at the G20 summit.

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