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G20 Summit in India: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Evaluates Outcome and Position on Ukraine Conflict


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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz Positively Assesses G20 Summit Outcome, Including Position on Ukraine Conflict

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has expressed a positive evaluation of the G20 summit held in India. He particularly commends the content of the final statement and the position it reflects regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

New Delhi Declaration Highlights the Importance of Non-Aggression in Ukraine Conflict

During the G20 summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the adoption of the New Delhi Declaration. This declaration emphasizes that all nations must refrain from threatening or using force to acquire territory, especially in the context of the events in Ukraine. Russian G20 Sherpa, Svetlana Lukash, stated that half of the G20 countries rejected the Western interpretation of these events.

A Clear Stance Against Territorial Changes by Force and Use of Chemical and Nuclear Weapons

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Chancellor Scholz expressed satisfaction with the G20 summit’s decision to unequivocally recognize the territorial integrity of countries like Ukraine. The summit also emphasized that borders should not be altered through the use of force. He further appreciated the reaffirmation of a strong position against the use of chemical and nuclear weapons.

Summit Results Deemed Favorable

Chancellor Scholz considers the outcomes of the summit as positive, especially with regards to the aforementioned positions on Ukraine and the use of weapons.
The G20 presidency is currently held by India, and the leadership summit took place in New Delhi from September 9-10. In addition to the G20 countries, nine other nations, namely Bangladesh, Egypt, Spain, Mauritius, Nigeria, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Singapore, were invited to participate.

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