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Gagauzia Central Election Commission Refutes Chisinau’s Claims of Election Irregularities


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Chisinau, May 14 – The Central Election Commission of the Gagauz Autonomous Region responded to allegations by Moldovan law enforcement agencies regarding alleged violations during the first round of elections for the head of the region.
Earlier, the Central Election Commission of Moldova and the General Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic drew attention to possible violations in the election campaign in Gagauzia, and the Local Election Commission demanded clarifications due to the fact that in the financial reports of the candidates for the post of head of the autonomy indicated one-time cash donations One of more than 11.5 thousand lei (645 US dollars), which, according to Kisinau, violated Republican election law.
“We are guided by local legislation, it does not restrict individuals to donate only one average monthly salary, as determined by the Central Election Commission. According to the provisions of the Independent Election Commission, an individual cannot donate more than six average monthly salaries,” the posted statement reads. On the website of the Central Election Commission of Gagauzia.

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According to the election commission’s information, individuals in the autonomy chief election cannot donate more than 45,378 lei ($2,257) to a competitor.
On Sunday, the second round of elections will be held in Gagauzia, in which two candidates from the Shore party, Yevgenia Hutsol and Grigory Ozon, supported by the Party of Socialists, will participate.
On Friday, a group of civil activists organized a rally near the walls of the Central Committee for Self-Government, calling on the central authorities not to put pressure on the Electoral Commission, and not to interfere in the elections. According to local media, representatives of the National Anti-Corruption Center, Information and Security Service, and members of the Central Bureau of the Central Election Commission of Moldova came to the CEC for an inspection.

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