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Game Developers in Japan Discuss Challenges of Integrating Generative AI and VR/AR Headsets for Game Development


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Tokyo Game Show 2023 Highlights Challenges in Game Development

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Video games are currently in the spotlight at the Tokyo Game Show 2023. However, major Japanese game developers express reservations about implementing cutting-edge technologies like generative AI and virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) headsets in game development.

Generative AI Challenges

According to Hisashi Koinuma, the president and chief operating officer of Koei Tecmo Games, game developers have been using conventional algorithmic AI for a long time. Koinuma mentioned that while they are testing ways to integrate generative AI in the future, challenges remain in utilizing this latest iteration in game development. Koinuma emphasized the need for further research to understand the benefits and potential copyright issues associated with generative AI.

Koei Tecmo is not alone in facing copyright concerns related to generative AI. Microsoft, for example, has stated that it will assume legal responsibility for any copyright infringement caused by its generative AI service, Copilot.

Potential of VR/AR Headsets

In addition to generative AI, the development of VR/AR headsets is also gaining momentum. Notable announcements include Apple’s Vision Pro, Meta’s ongoing Quest line development, and Sony’s recent release of VR2. However, the available games for these devices have not yet met user expectations.

Cautious Approach to VR/AR

Koinuma, a veteran game developer, expressed excitement about the possibilities of VR/AR but remains cautious due to past experiences. Koei Tecmo was one of the early companies to develop VR games but faced obstacles, such as unsuitable gadgets for extended gameplay. Koinuma believes that until users can enjoy games with new devices for long periods of time, success in the market will be challenging. Koei Tecmo plans to try again in the future when the necessary conditions are established.

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