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Games now pegged to the US dollar: What changes for the consumer?


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Games now pegged to the US dollar

Cheap Steam games will no longer be as affordable. Valve recently announced that they are adjusting the minimum price allowed for certain currencies other than the US dollar. This decision is in response to their report on recommended currency conversions, published in October 2022. So, what does this mean for gamers?

What changes for the consumer?

Overall, the impact on consumers is minimal. However, two important points should be noted as a result of this decision. Firstly, all low-cost games will now be priced based on the US dollar. This adjustment takes into account significant fluctuations in the value of different currencies over time. These changes align the minimum prices with the new recommendations. Secondly, certain titles may no longer be available on Steam. If developers have not adjusted the prices of their games accordingly, they will become invisible to potential buyers.

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