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Gen V: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More – Everything You Need to Know about the Spin-Off of The Boys


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Gen V, a spin-off of the TV show The Boys, is set to be released on September 29.
The series will consist of eight episodes, with the first three being released simultaneously.
The official title was revealed in July 2022, a few months after filming began at the University of Toronto.
A second season is also in the works according to the showrunners.

How to see Gen V in France?

Gen V will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime, and the episodes will be released simultaneously in each country.
The series is inspired by the X-Men and the Hunger Games trilogy, with references to the G-Men team from season 1 of The Boys.

What is the story of Gen V?

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Gen V is set in the same universe as The Boys and follows the students at Godolkin University of Vought International.
The main protagonist, Marie Moreau, has the power to control her blood as a weapon.
The series aims to be as violent and gory as the original project, with the main antagonist being Five-Oh, a character more deranged than Homelander.

Who are the Gen V creatives?

Gen V is based on the comic book story The Boys written by Garth Ennis and specifically covers the We Gotta Go Now story arc.
The creators of the series are Craig Rosenberg, Tara Butters, and Michele Fazekas, with Fazekas also serving as the showrunner.
The directors of the series are Rachel Goldberg, Steve Boyum, and Nelson Cragg.

What is the cast of Gen V?

Do you want to know more?

The Boys is a parody of Marvel and DC superheroes, with notable references to characters like Homelander and Aquaman.
Gen V will also have nods to popular superheroes, with Five-Oh bearing a resemblance to Cyclops from the X-Men.

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