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Genshin Impact Composer Yu-peng Chen Leaves miHoYo and HOYO-MiX: An Inside Look at the Departure


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Genshin Impact Composer Yu-peng Chen Leaves miHoYo and HOYO-MiX

Genshin Impact is a beloved game for multiple reasons, though one of the chief reasons among them is the game’s music which players have loved since the game first appeared on the scene.

Which makes it all the more impactful that one of the main people behind those compositions, Yu-peng Chen (who also goes by his stage name, Chen Zhiyi) has announced he’ll be leaving miHoYo and HOYO-MiX.

“After some careful consideration, alongside multiple discussions with the company, I have decided to leave miHoYo and the HOYO-MiX team to continue my pursuit of my musical dreams!” Chen announced on his Sina Weibo profile, which was translated by u/super_grey on Reddit.

Chen was one of multiple composers on the HOYO-MiX team, though he was highly regarded among the team and the game’s community.

Of course it’s possible that Chen could return to Genshin Impact by lending a hand on a track here and there, but for now fans bid him farewell and all the best as he continues chasing his own dreams.

“I do ask that you all understand, and respect my decision. In the future, I will continue to explore along the musical journey. I am planning on releasing a new album next year, I will inform you all of those plans in the future….

So, see you all in Teyvat, fellow Travelers!”

Source – [Reddit]

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