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Germany Backs Africa’s Bid for Permanent Seat on UN Security Council


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The German leader expressed support for Africa’s bid for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

“Germany, therefore, supports efforts to obtain permanent African seats on the UN Security Council,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said during a press conference alongside Kenyan President William Ruto after a meeting to discuss deepening relations between the two countries. We also support obtaining an official seat for the African Union within the Group of Twenty.”

The statement represents a major boost to the African continent’s long-standing efforts to increase its representation on the international stage.

Africa has long called for two permanent seats on the council with veto power, arguing that the current structure is outdated and unrepresentative of the geopolitical realities of the world.

The African Union has been pushing for reform of the UN Security Council, arguing that Africa, with its one billion people, deserves greater representation on the world stage.

Schulze recognized the potential of Kenya’s youth in a meeting with representatives and noted that they play a key role in driving innovation, economic growth and development.

“Africa is the ‘youngest’ continent with an average age of about 19. It was important for me to exchange ideas with young Kenyans today – an exciting conversation about climate protection, political participation and startup financing,” he said.

On Sudan, Schulz said he was concerned about the conflict, which has killed hundreds of people and displaced thousands.

“We appreciate what Kenya has achieved in terms of mediation efforts. This is very true of the situation in Sudan which is of great concern to us and to many others,” he said.

He supported the people of Sudan who took to the streets to demand a transition from a military to a civilian government.

Fighting between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces has left at least 550 dead and more than 4,900 injured since April 15.

“Therefore, the army and the RSF must end their military struggle for power, which is happening at the expense of the country’s people, leading to violence and destruction, and there is a need for a transition to a civilian government,” Schultz said.

Germany has committed to financing the expansion of the Olkaria geothermal power plant in Kenya to increase its capacity in the Green Energy Partnership.

The leaders said they are committed to working together to implement the Paris Agreement by pushing Kenya to join the climate club.

They also discussed increasing the capacity of TVET centers in Kenya, as well as exporting skilled labor to Germany.

The relaxation of immigration laws to enable Kenyans to find work in Germany was also discussed. Germany will provide financial and technical support for the African Climate Action Summit to be hosted in Nairobi in September.

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