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Germany is developing an unmanned submarine capable of carrying unmanned submarines


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Naval New has announced that Germany is working on a project to develop an unmanned submarine capable of carrying small unmanned submarines.

German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has begun a project to develop an uninhabited MUM-type submarine that can carry other small submarines underwater, and according to the company, this submarine will be the largest submarine in its class. message. site said.

The website states that “actual assembly of the MUM prototype will begin this summer, and the overall length of this model will reach 25 meters, which means that the new submarine will be longer than the Orca XLUUV manned submarines adopted by the US Navy, and that the design of the new German submarine will resemble the shape of a flat fish.” This design will give the submarine greater stability when it rises to the surface of the water, and will also help to make adjustments to it if necessary. .

As conceived by the designers of submarines, “MUM” will be a submarine that can be modified to perform various tasks, and it will be used for the inspection and maintenance of marine equipment, reconnaissance and rescue operations, oil exploration. , gas and mineral resources on the seabed, as well as monitoring of the seabed, oceans and the aquatic environment.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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