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Germany says that Ukraine will not remain within its original borders


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Simferopol, January 20 – Former member of the German Bundestag, member of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party Waldemar Gerdt believes that the fate of Ukraine as a state is predetermined, and the country will no longer remain within its original borders.
“The fate of Ukraine, in my opinion, is already predetermined. The whole world will have to take back the country and, most likely, it will also be divided by the entire world community. Ukraine will no longer remain within its original borders. Now it is unrealistic. There was a chance To sit at the negotiating table when Turkey proposed, but then Washington prohibited. Today, the frozen conflict will only lead to escalation, so it must be brought to an end, ”Gerdt told the News Agency.

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In his opinion, the future of Ukraine will be decided at the post-war conference.

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