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Germany’s Top Diplomat Criticizes Putin, Praises Turkey’s Efforts to Revive Ukraine’s Grain Deal


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Germany’s Criticism of Putin and Praise for Turkey’s Diplomatic Efforts

Germany’s top diplomat, Foreign Minister Analina Baerbock, has criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin and commended Turkey’s diplomatic efforts in reinvigorating Ukraine’s grain deal. Baerbock expressed disapproval of Putin’s decision to block the UN-backed Black Sea Grain Initiative, accusing him of playing “cynical” games.

Efforts to Revive the Deal

Currently, President Erdogan of Turkey is hosting President Putin in an attempt to persuade him to revive the grain deal. Baerbock emphasized the importance of Erdogan’s efforts to bring the deal back on track.

Obstacles Faced by Ukrainian Grain Ships

Baerbock blamed Putin for obstructing the free passage of cargo ships loaded with Ukrainian grain. These ships have been stuck in Black Sea ports since July. Russia had suspended its participation in the year-old agreement, despite their naval blockade of Ukraine.

Global Hunger Crisis and Search for Alternative Routes

Baerbock criticized Russia for exacerbating global hunger and stated that work on alternative routes for grain export continues more than ever.

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Russia’s Proposal for African Grain Exports

Putin announced that Russia is close to finalizing an agreement to export free grain to six African countries with the assistance of Turkey and Qatar. He clarified that this proposal is not intended as an alternative to the Black Sea Initiative.

Russian Attacks on Ukrainian Infrastructure

Odobescu, the Romanian Foreign Minister, echoed Baerbock’s condemnation of Russian attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure. She emphasized Russia’s cynical attacks that prevent Ukraine from exporting its grain.

Denial of Russian Drone Incidents on Romanian Soil

Odobescu denied news reports claiming that Russian drones had crashed and exploded on Romanian soil. She stated that the drone attacks by the Russian Federation did not have any direct military impact on Romanian territory or territorial waters.

Potential Risks for Romania

Odobescu acknowledged the risk of accidents, including the possibility of Russian missiles or drones falling on Romanian soil due to the close proximity of the conflict with Ukraine. However, she clarified that such incidents have not occurred at the moment.

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