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Gloomwood Patch Notes Update Today on January 21, 2023


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A new update has been released for Gloomwood. You can find all the Game Update details below. Gloomwood is available for all platforms. The file size may vary depending on the platform.


  • Added ‘Quicksave’ and ‘Quickload’ to in-game keybinding menu
  • Audible distance of “Bottle Break” effect increased to 45 meters (from 40)
  • Audible distance of “Window Break” effect increased to 45 meters (from 40)
  • Added the limp bone snap sound when critically wounded from the demo
  • Improved interact object sorting to make pickups like coins and bullets easier to grab within drawers/cabinets
  • General tweaks to ammo and resource balance
  • Added pathing for all AI types in each area to support enemies being spawned in by the console

Enemy: Rifle Huntsman

  • Improved rifle aim tracking
  • Increased rifle auto-hit range to 4 (from 3.5)
  • Increased rifle projectile speed to 55 (from 50)

Enemy: Fishdog

  • Reworked scent/lure system to improve consistency and reduce unintended detections
  • Fishdogs will be attracted to the smell of food, corpses and giblets
  • Fishdogs will bark at any food or giblets it cannot reach
  • Sleeping fishdogs can be awoken by smells that are very close to their nose
  • Scent cannot cross through mediums like water surfaces
  • Fishdogs now return to sleep after being disturbed
  • Increased search exit time to 1.5 (from 0.0)
  • Added new corpse impact sounds

Enemy: Goatman

  • Wounded goatman variant now starts with 12% less health
  • Increased trap time modifier to 30% (from 25%) of normal time
  • Reduced ‘Swipe’ damage to 36-38 (from 45-47)
  • Reduced ‘Buck’ damage to 44-45 (from 54-56)
  • Reduced enrage damage bonus to 125% (from 150%)
  • Reduced corpse health amount to 100 (from 250)
  • Added new hatchet particle and sound effects for animation and projectile
  • Corpse giblets can now be physics carried
  • Goatman now backtracks to leash points when unable to path or see player during combat

Area: Tavern

  • Tweaked spare basement key note to better allude to the attic switch location
  • Added new key hook asset behind bar
  • Moved guest room key to a more visible location
  • Moved guncase padlock to a more visible location
  • Explosive barrel positioning tweaked to make it easier to grab
  • Added additional button presser to drawer in attic
  • Added gap beneath elevator bed to make it harder for the key to bypass collision during crushing kills
  • Blocked off area beneath staircase and above kitchen fireplace to prevent exploitation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with incorrect level data being loaded when transitioning levels on a new save slot
  • Fixed issue where loading quicksave would assign save slot incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where pickups in drawers would not save their position correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the canesword backstab assasination would alert enemies from far away
  • Fixed an inventory error when combining loose ammunition into a spot with limited space
  • Fixed various lightmap issues in fishery and around tavern exterior in cliffside
  • Fixed missing geometry in fishery boathouse
  • Fixed various exposed dev textures locations in the tavern
  • Fixed issue where goatman key would not correctly load its physics state
  • Fixed issue where woodsmen could bypass doors during their axe charge attack
  • Fixed issue where woodsman in cliffside barn would not return to chopping meat after being distracted
  • Fixed issue where burning goatman would not refresh or re-ignite after the fire timer burned out
  • Fixed issue where goatman hatchet throws would not deal appropriate damage to AI
  • Fixed issue where goatman corpse would replay death animation upon load
  • Fixed issue where AI corpses could be double dipped damaged when hitting their creators with a projectile
  • Fixed issue where projectiles would aim in an incorrect direction when shooting a point blank target
  • Fixed issue where left/dragged-out pickups would have incorrect quantity counts when returning to areas
  • Fixed issue where AI would get stuck while a door was being closed
  • Fixed issue where elevators could kill the player while using the inventory at low framerates
  • Fixed issue where telescope view would not apply invert Y setting

Source: Steam

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