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Google Cloud Oracle Partners with LayerZero to Enhance Blockchain Data Security


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Google Cloud Oracle Partnership Enhances Blockchain Security

LayerZero Labs, the company behind LayerZero, an on-chain messaging platform, has joined forces with Google Cloud to enhance the security of data transmitted across various independent blockchain networks. This collaboration aims to bolster the verification and authentication process for blockchain messages through LayerZero’s Omnichain interoperability protocol.

Introducing Google Cloud Oracle

Google Cloud Oracle, which functions as an HTTPS for cross-chain messaging, will serve as the default verification system for LayerZero starting September 19. Similar to how HTTPS certificates validate website authenticity, Google Cloud Oracle verifies all LayerZero messages by default.

Google’s Commitment to Decentralized Technology

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In 2022, Google established a dedicated web3 engineering team as part of its transition to decentralized technology. Since then, the company has formed partnerships with various cryptocurrency providers, including Coinbase, Solana, and PancakeSwap.

LayerZero’s Solution for Blockchain Communication

LayerZero addresses the issue of blockchains’ inability to communicate with each other through its decentralized protocol. By offering a comprehensive platform, LayerZero enables users to interact with multiple decentralized networks and transmit data across various blockchains.

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