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Gorbachev Accused of Overlooking Evidence of US Spy Activity by Ex-Spy


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Moscow, March 26 – Said a former illegal intelligence officer: retired colonel of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation, MGIMO Professor Andrei Bezrukov.
“I know for sure that a lot of things that were given to the (USSR) leadership were then ignored,” Bezrukov said, speaking at the popular science festival Digital History.
“For example, when Gorbachev, starting in 1987, made decisions about building our entire foreign policy, information about the intentions of the Americans, about how everything is built, about the presence of, let’s say, internal leaders of American policy in the Russian leadership, of course.

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Bezrukov added that Gorbachev ignored most of this information and made voluntary decisions. In addition, by that time the Soviet power structures had deteriorated so much that they could not “build an effective defense” against Gorbachev’s minority in the Communist Party, he noted.
Russia’s largest popular science-historical festival “Digital History” takes place from March 25-26 in the capital’s cultural center “ZIL”, also in online format.
The theme of the festival this year is “West – Russia – East: pro et contre”. It is devoted to the history of the emergence in the world of false and true ideas about Russia. the News Agency is the general media partner of the festival.

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