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GPT and NVIR Lead the MEXC Search Results Amid US Bank Crisis


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The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is constantly evolving. As a rapidly changing market, investors must keep up with the latest trends.

Recently, interest in alternative investments sparked by the global banking crisis, such as Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), has focused on the cryptocurrency market. Interestingly, according to Google Trends, which accounts for more than 90% of search engines worldwide, attention is mostly focused on bitcoin (BTC). Meanwhile, YouTube searches showed that as of July 2021, more people were organically searching for “crypto” than for “bitcoin.”

In the past, people who only searched for bitcoin started searching “bitcoin” and “crypto” with similar frequency. Their understanding of the cryptocurrency market itself has increased.

Besides, what other cryptocurrencies are people looking at with great interest other than “bitcoin”?

Analyzing the global search volume for cryptocurrencies, the popular exchange MEXC announced its latest ranking. MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange offering services, offering 1,525 coins for trading in over 200 countries and to over 6 million users. CoinMarketCap (CMC) ranked the exchange 10th out of 239.

According to the latest rankings released by MEXC, GPT ranked first in the instant search volume rankings, and NvirWorld’s NVIR ranked second. These results indicate that GPT and NVIR are gaining traction and influence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. GPT is gaining interest in artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Meanwhile, NVIR appears in DeFi and DEX via hybrid decentralized exchange INNODEX.

GPT: AI coin is getting more attention in crypto

Crypto GPT is a cryptocurrency project inspired by the powerful OpenAI language model. As the name suggests, it uses the Chat GPT model developed by OpenAI as is. GPT has demonstrated the global interest in generative AI.

Based on the US benchmark release at 11pm on March 10, it was quickly listed on seven exchanges, including Bitfinex, Bybit, and Bitget. It became viral because it was a coin for artificial intelligence. GPT is currently traded on 25 exchanges, per CoinMarketCap data.

Currently, GPT is used to build a decentralized ecosystem that uses AI technology in various applications such as language processing, content generation, and intelligent virtual assistants. When you accumulate self-issuing coins, you will receive GPTs NFTs and capsules that contain user data obtained through dapps such as games, dates, and exercise. Crypto GPT has an AI-to-2 profit structure that sells the collected information to AI companies and distributes the profits as rewards to users.

“The project will allow users to make money by monetizing their data across fitness, dating, gaming and education,” said Crypto GPT, adding, “In the future, not only AI companies but also academics, governments and individuals will be able to build AI models based on the data collected.” from Crypto GPT”.

NVIR: NvirWorld is rising in stature

NvirWorld is a blockchain company that aims to popularize blockchain technology and build a user-friendly ecosystem where users can experience and interact with various blockchain-based services.

It operates non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces, for-profit (P2E) financial platforms, virtual space fairs, and offline fairs associated with NFTs. It is set to expand its ecosystem by simply introducing new platform services such as INNODEX; P2E games “Sugar Flavor,”; and social casino “Online Weiser Game” in Q1 and Q2 2023.

INNODEX stores and trades assets with everyone’s wallet without complicated self-certification like a decentralized exchange. It transparently verifies personal asset details on the blockchain and eliminates gas costs for each transaction.

In particular, when the importance of a decentralized system was emphasized due to the FTX crisis and other global centralized financial crises, the fourth CBT of INNODEX, which was held for users around the world, attracted attention.

NvirWorld, which is building DEX and attracting attention as articles are traded on the Binance Feed, Upbit exchanges and crypto media, is accelerating the development of the mainnet. Their solution offers a patented technology that enables payments and transactions using cryptocurrency even when the network is offline.

NVIR is a deflationary cryptocurrency issued by NvirWorld. It uses a similar burn mechanism as in Ethereum. The NvirWorld ecosystem is set to expand, starting with INNODEX.

GPT Horizons and NvirWorld

Given recent achievements and continuous development, GPT and NVIR may continue to grow. In particular, the Wall Street investment bank Bernstein predicted that the cryptocurrency market would reach $400 billion within 10 years.

As GPT coins develop and their applications expand, they could become a vital tool across various industries, and leading ways to leverage AI technology in a decentralized ecosystem.

The mainnet, based on NvirWorld’s blockchain ecosystem and solid technology, offers growth potential as technological development becomes more common. In addition, as the user base expands, NvirWorld can boost blockchain adoption, transforming entertainment and social interaction.

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