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Gregorian Christians celebrate Christmas


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Moscow, December 25 – Churches using the Gregorian calendar on December 25 celebrate one of the main holidays of Christianity – the Nativity of Christ, and on this day the leaders of the communities address believers with congratulations.
“God, in this world where everything is unstable and impermanent, help us to see constancy in you. At a time when there is no reason for joy, help us to rejoice in you, understanding more and more that we are your children, thanks to the birth of Christ and his sacrifice for us. We are not worthy For this, but by Christ you grant us this supernatural dignity! Lord, send your angels to those who have lost all hope in these days. Grant us wisdom and strength to be those angels ourselves. Help us, O God, to see and show your light among people. Confirm us in your peace and comfort! Nativity of the Lord Bright, blessed and peaceful Jesus Christ!” – says the Christmas message of Archbishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Russia (ELCR) Vladimir Provorov, available on the church’s website.
Archpriest of the Russian Federation of Evangelical Christians (Pentecostals) Sergey Ryakhovsky, in an address to believers, noted that the Lord was sent to humanity not so that pain and fear would conquer humanity, but, as two thousand years ago, to continue to save and restore destroyed relationships, reconcile enemies and love everyone.

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“More than two thousand years ago, in difficult times, the Lord gave people a Savior. The birth of Jesus Christ brought future and hope into the world. Today we are also going through a difficult period – we witnessed the fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the end times: we see how people rise up against a nation and a kingdom against a kingdom , As disease and pestilence cover entire kingdoms and countries, and vice and immorality spread in the world.The moral and ethical foundations of society are shaken, and the bishop said, “Our Lord Jesus Christ remains the same.”
Christmas is one of the main Christian holidays, established in honor of the birth of the baby Jesus Christ in the flesh (incarnation). On the night of December 25, Catholics and Protestants celebrate Christmas: Lutherans, Anglicans, part Methodists, Baptists and Pentecostals, as well as 10 out of 15 local Orthodox churches in the world using the new Julian calendar, which will coincide with the new Julian calendar. AD to 2800.
Officially, the decision on the date of the celebration of the Nativity of Christ on December 25 was made at the Ephesian (Third Ecumenical) Church Council in 431. The celebration of Christmas lasts eight days (from December 25 to January 1), making up the octave of Christmas. It is also preceded by Advent – 4 weeks of waiting for the holiday.
On December 26, the feast of the Holy Martyr Stephen, on December 27, the memory of the holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian is celebrated, on December 28 – the innocent children of Bethlehem. On a Sunday falling on one of the days from December 26 to 31, or December 30, if a Sunday does not fall on these days of a given year, the Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated: the Child Jesus, Mary and Joseph. On January 1, the feast of the Most Holy Theotokos is celebrated.

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