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Growing Interest in Floating Nuclear Power Plants by Rosatom


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Rosatom CEO Alexei Likhachev said at an information event that dozens of countries have shown interest in Russia’s floating nuclear power plants.

Answering a question asked at the first marathon of knowledge about countries interested in Russian projects, such as Akademik Lomanusov, Likhachev said: “There are dozens of countries and completely different countries, specifically countries with long coastlines, such as Brazil and Argentina. , There are also many countries with an island structure, such as Indonesia and Malaysia.

And “Akademik Lomonosov” is the name of the world’s first floating nuclear reactor, consisting of a power unit equipped with the latest technology in nuclear safety and protection of nuclear reactors, which takes into account the implementation of coastal infrastructure on the pier, such as breakwaters and power lines.

This unit was built in shipyards using the same specialized construction technology as the nuclear-powered icebreakers and offshore vessels.

Source: RT+TASS

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