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GTA 6 Online Gameplay Discovered by Player Through Hacked Footage


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Leaks of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6 have been occurring for a time, with the biggest in September. As more time passes and new information is uncovered, astute viewers see details that weren’t initially visible. GTA 6 Online appears to be the most recent.


It was discovered that GTA 6 Online might support 32 players in a video shared online. The maximum number is 30 at the moment. Though not a significant bump, it was plenty to spark discussion among followers on social media.

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The user can pick up another body in the video, carry it on their shoulders, and then move around with it. A mod for GTA 5 lets users drag and carry dead people around. According to the leaked videos, it is a built-in aspect of the game’s gameplay.

Rockstar still needs to make GTA 6 public in any official way. Nonetheless, there have been claims that the game might debut as soon as 2024. After then, GTA V would have been available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for 11 years.

GTA 6 Online Gameplay Discovered by Player Through Hacked Footage_

Almost 90 leaks with various game-related details were found. Lucia, the first female protagonist in the GTA franchise, will appear in GTA 6. Jason is the name of the game’s male protagonist. Although it is anticipated that the map may expand after launch, GTA 6 is supposed to be a contemporary update of Vice City. At its debut, the game will include more than 1000 unique events.

What will GTA 6 Online offer when it launches?

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