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Gulf 25 in Basra…the long-awaited tournament


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Bay 25 was singled out by Nass Online for its great symbol of the return of sporting events to Iraq after a 44-year hiatus.

The program featured Mohammed Kader Al-Haddad, a sports journalist from Baghdad, and Issa Al-Mismar, a sports journalist from Hail, Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Kadeer stated that the long suspension of the Persian Gulf Cup from Iraq and his return to it in itself amounted to a victory, far from the results of the match and the championship title, given that Golf 25 in Basra specifically represents “According to him, the message that the Gulf Brothers wanted to express love and peace, and a testament to Iraq’s ability to host the biggest sporting event, including training, preparation and organization.

And the sports journalist went on to say that the large number of spectators, which exceeded tens of thousands, is the biggest testament to Iraq’s passion for football.

For his part, Saudi sports journalist Issa al-Mismar said that Iraq after “Gulf 25 will not be the same as before”, noting that “the tournament has garnered a notable public and political presence, restoring confidence in Iraq’s ability to host huge sporting events like this, with sports facilities, security levels and other arrangements.” The other has to do with the exceptional generosity of the people of Basra.

Al-Mismar added that the Gulf Cup would be the start that would bring Iraq back to sporting life after gaining everyone’s confidence, highlighting the need for Iraq’s sporting presence and continued presence in such tournaments.

As for the chances of the teams, the guests agreed that in the final match of the tournament, most likely, the national teams of Iraq and Bahrain will meet.

Source: RT

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