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Gwent 11.10 Update: CD Projekt Red Introduces Balance Advice System and Unveils Release Notes


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CD Projekt Red Releases Gwent 11.10 Update

CD Projekt Red has recently launched the Gwent 11.10 update, the latest update for the free-to-play card game that takes inspiration from The Witcher’s world.

A Transition in Support

Announced last year, the end of support for Gwent was expected. In 2023, we saw the introduction of new maps, but CD Projekt Red had already hinted that they would take a step back by the end of the year. This means that any future balancing changes will be driven by the community.

Introducing the Balance Advice System

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In relation to the 11.10 update, the developers have shared the following information:

This update will be the final one implemented by the developers for Gwent. Subsequent updates to the maps will no longer be made. Instead, we have introduced a new system called “Balance Advice” in the main menu.

This new tool is available to players ranked Prestige 1 or higher, who have either won at least 25 games in the current season or reached Rank 0. It enables them to vote on potential changes once a month. Each player can choose up to three cards or abilities to vote on, and the options include increasing or decreasing their power.

Any card that receives a minimum of 50 votes per month will be replaced, with a limit of 15 cards per month. The aim of this system is to introduce greater variety to the meta without completely disrupting the game’s dynamics.

Unveiling the Release Notes

If you’re curious about the specifics of the 11.10 update, here’s a list of the release notes sourced from PC Gamer.

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