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Hamas Abandons Smartphones and Computers for Landlines in Preparation for Operation Against Israel: CNN Report


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Militants from Hamas in Gaza Strip Switch to Landlines to Conceal Operation, CNN Reports

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Hamas members in the Gaza Strip have reportedly abandoned the use of smartphones and computers and have switched to landlines, utilizing tunnels to extend phone lines, according to sources cited by CNN. This shift in communication methods has allowed them to hide their preparations for an operation against Israel from Israeli intelligence.

Operation Planning Kept Undetected by Utilizing Wired Telephone Lines

The sources revealed that during the two-year planning phase, a small cell of Hamas fighters operating in the tunnels communicated and planned the operation using wired telephone lines. This method remained undetected by Israeli intelligence until the time came for activation. CNN stated that hundreds of fighters will be summoned by Hamas to launch the attack on October 7.

Tunnels Provide Militants with Concealed Movement and Storage

CNN highlights that the tunnels in Gaza serve as a vast maze used for storing missiles and ammunition, as well as granting militants the ability to move undetected.

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