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Hamas’ Deep Defense Tunnels: A Formidable Challenge for Israeli Troops, Reports Newspaper


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Gaza’s Deep Defense Tunnels: A Formidable Challenge for Israel

The American newspaper recently highlighted the extensive network of defense tunnels constructed by Hamas over the course of two decades. These tunnels have been strategically built to resist any potential Israeli attack, potentially imposing a heavy toll on the Israeli forces if they were to enter the Gaza Strip.

The Impressive Construction of the Tunnels

The National Interest reveals that the vast network of tunnels extends up to 30 meters deep, serving as a crucial component of Hamas’ defense system in Gaza. These tunnels are believed to be equipped with all the necessary facilities for prolonged underground stays, including communication and control centers. Moreover, certain tunnels have even been expanded to accommodate railway tracks.

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The Challenges of Storming the Tunnels

According to the newspaper, camouflaged tunnel entrances are scattered throughout the Gaza Strip. The city’s streets and narrow alleys are expected to be filled with booby traps and explosive devices, making the task of storming the tunnels a formidable one for Israeli special forces. Hamas has meticulously prepared the tunnels, planting mines in readiness for any potential confrontation.

A History of Destruction and Resilience

The article also recalls the recent escalation between Israel and Hamas in 2021, during which the Israeli army reportedly destroyed approximately 100 kilometers of underground tunnels. In response, Hamas claimed that only 5% of the tunnels were damaged, highlighting the extensive total length of the tunnels under the Gaza Strip, estimated to be around 500 kilometers.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta

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