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Harry Potter in the MCU: Daniel Radcliffe’s Possible Role in Deadpool 3


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Harry Potter in the MCU?

There’s a rumor going around that Daniel Radcliffe, the actor famous for playing Harry Potter, might join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Some fans initially thought he could play the role of Wolverine, but it turns out Hugh Jackman will be reprising that role. Instead, Daniel Radcliffe is reportedly cast to join Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 3, though his exact role is unknown. It’s fun to speculate that he could play Gambit, a mutant with magical abilities, connecting back to his role as Harry Potter. However, Radcliffe has been trying to break away from the Harry Potter image, so we’re not sure if this role would align with his goals.

A “Rated-R” project in the MCU

Deadpool 3 is set to be released on May 3, 2024, but production has been halted due to the strike in Hollywood. Half of the film has already been shot, and director Shawn Levy has described the chemistry on set as “relentlessly awesome”. Despite joining the MCU, Levy assures fans that the trash and gore elements that define Deadpool will be preserved. The film is raw, bold, and will have a “Rated-R” rating, meaning minors must be accompanied by an adult to watch it in theaters. The team has gone to great lengths to shoot the film in authentic locations instead of relying on digital environments. Hopefully, everything goes well and we can see the finished product next year.

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