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He told Zelensky’s office when they learned of Biden’s visit


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Moscow, February 20 – The head of Vladimir Zelensky’s office, Andrei Yermak, said that US President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine had been being prepared for a long time, and it became reliably known last Friday, February 17.
Biden arrived in Kiev for an unannounced visit on Monday and met with Zelensky.
“I can’t tell you all the details, but I can say that the visit has been in the making for a very long time…but it became all but known that it was going to take place last Friday when we spoke with Sullivan (Jake, Biden National Security Adviser – ed.) The visit was being prepared under A top secret system due to security issues, so few people knew about it.”

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On Monday, the United States announced a new $460 million aid package to Kiev. The aid announcement coincided with Biden’s surprise visit to Kiev.
The Associated Press, citing the White House, reported that the United States, shortly before President Joe Biden’s visit to Ukraine, contacted Russia to rule out miscalculations that could lead to a direct confrontation between the two nuclear powers. The source told the News Agency that the US embassy notified the Russian side of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev, primarily for security reasons.

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