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He urged Mishustin to create its own production of electric vehicles


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Moscow, December 26 – Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that it is necessary not only to saturate the Russian market with cars at a time when many companies have left the country, but also to create their own production of electric cars and their infrastructure, including charging stations.
He noted that the development of metallurgy is an important direction, as it is necessary for changes in many related industries, including the automotive industry. This is the goal of the strategy calculated until 2035.

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“We will need not only to create conditions for saturating the domestic market with cars now, when many foreign companies have left Russia under pressure from their authorities, but also to create our own component base in the widest possible range from the simplest to complex parts and as part of this work, of course, it is also necessary The development of new promising areas, for example, the production of not only electric cars, but also the creation of infrastructure for charging stations for them, the expansion of the use of natural gas “motor fuel and hydrogen,” the Prime Minister said at a government meeting.

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