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He went to the Baltic Sea for training "Boyan- M" with cruise missiles "caliber"


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Moscow, February 27 – Project 22800 (“Karakurt”) “Odintsovo” and “Sovetsk” small missile ships, as well as project 21631 (“Buyan-M”) “Zeleny Dol”, equipped with Caliber cruise missiles, took part in maneuvers in the Baltic Sea, on Monday in the press service for the Russian Baltic Fleet.
According to the exercise plan, the ships will perform a number of tasks in air defense and anti-ship, in addition to conducting a mock battle with the naval strike groups of an imaginary enemy.
In addition to launching electronic missiles, the ships of the Baltic Fleet will conduct real combat exercises using passive jamming systems to evade enemy anti-ship missiles.

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The crews of ships and boats will also fire artillery at sea and air targets, conduct joint maneuvers and defend against sabotage on an unprotected route.
RTOs of the Karakurt project, developed by the Almaz Central Naval Design Bureau, are designed to perform tasks as part of detachments and groups of warships and individually. It is equipped with the Kalibr strike system, the Pantsir-M anti-aircraft system, modern control systems, electronic weapons, radio communications, navigation, electronic warfare, countermeasures, anti-sabotage weapons and portable anti-aircraft missile systems.
Ships of the Buyan-M project have an increased displacement and are equipped with the latest high-precision long-range missile weapon – the Kalibr-NK universal missile system, designed to destroy sea and coastal targets. The purpose of the ships of the Buyan-M project is to guard and protect the economic zone of the state.

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