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Help a Stroke Patient Before Emergency Services Arrive


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Stroke is an acute medical problem. After all, every minute after the onset of symptoms is important, so providing first aid to the victim increases his chances of survival. How to save the life of the victim?

A stroke is an imbalance of blood circulation in the brain, since nerve cells do not receive nutrients and the necessary amount of oxygen, which can lead to death. According to the World Health Organization, more than 13 million people worldwide suffer from a stroke every year, and about six million of them die.
Stroke can be ischemic, which is the most common and occurs due to blood clotting and blockage of blood vessels, and symptoms develop quickly, without pain. They often occur in dreams. Or hemorrhagic, resulting from a rupture of the wall of a blood vessel and blood flow to the brain tissues, accompanied by a severe headache, while the patient may lose consciousness, and often leads to death. It is caused by high blood pressure and medications that reduce blood clotting, aneurysms, or birth defects.
The symptoms of a stroke vary and depend on its severity. The first thing to do is to look at the victim’s face and encourage him to smile. If one side of the mouth appears to be down, then this is preliminary evidence of a stroke. Also, the victim usually does not respond to the request, his speech becomes confused and incomprehensible, he cannot raise his hands together, and the pupils of the eyes dilate or do not react to light.
But sometimes these symptoms pass quickly, but still cause temporary interruptions in blood circulation. Therefore, an ischemic attack may follow a more severe stroke. With a hemorrhagic stroke, vision and swallowing may be impaired, the patient may have confusion, poor memory, behavioral changes, and an epileptic seizure may occur.
So what to do?

First of all, you need to call an ambulance. After this, the victim should be placed in a safe position, and the best position is to lie on his side and slightly raise his head. He also prefers to unbutton his clothes and open windows, and if he is cold, he should be covered. The victim should not be given food or drink or forced to get up.
And we should know that the level of blood pressure during a stroke automatically decreases. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to give the patient any medication.
Stroke can be prevented by leading a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, exercising, walking in the fresh air, giving up bad habits and avoiding stress.
The risk of stroke increases due to being overweight, high blood cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol and drug use, so it is important to treat chronic diseases. People over 40 are required to monitor their health and undergo annual medical examinations.

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