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Hiba Abuk on Coping with the Breakup from Hakimi: A Guide to Easing the Impact.


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Heba Abouk, Ashraf Hakimi’s former partner, revealed that she is currently trying to cope with the shock of her separation from the Moroccan player and that she does not regret her marriage because she did everything she could.

The Tunisian-Spanish actress has asked for a breakup with the Moroccan professional footballer from Paris Saint-Germain after she went to the police station last February to accuse the footballer of sexually abusing her at his home.

And in March last year, Heba Abuk announced through her account on the Instagram website about her breakup with Hakimi.

Heba Abuk, 36, reportedly claimed half of Hakimi’s estate, 23, but was shocked to discover that everything he owned was in his mother’s name.

In her first interview since breaking up with Hakimi, Abuk told ELLE Spain: “I’m fine. to new situations.

“Who would have thought that, in addition to the usual pain of parting and the sadness of the collapse of the family business, to which I gave myself body and soul, I would have to face this shame? I needed time to process this injury.”

And she continued: “When you are going through separation, you have to rebuild your life. True, with two children (from marriage with Hakimi), it is emotionally difficult, but I am not the first woman (to leave my husband) and I will not be the last.”

And she continued, “The important thing is that my mind is relaxed now because I tried and did the best I could. There are decisions that cannot be made overnight.”

Source: Mirror

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