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Highlights of a week: Turkey earthquake and 100 years of aviation


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Moscow, February 11 – The loudest and most tragic news of the outgoing week was the earthquake in Turkey: nearly 20,000 dead and 80,000 wounded. Other events pale in comparison to this. Nevertheless, the Russian civil aviation turned 100 years old, the Chinese were allowed to travel, including to Russia, and abandoned animals were rescued from the safari park in Sochi. At the same time, the weather in our resorts is not encouraging, the threat of avalanches remains in the Kuban, and the highest waterfall in Crimea froze. About the important things in tourism for the week – in the News Agency Digest.
A strong earthquake struck southeastern Turkey on Monday morning. In the afternoon of the same day, another 7.6 magnitude occurred. The tremors, which were followed by hundreds of aftershocks, were felt by residents in 10 provinces in the country and neighboring countries, including Syria. According to the latest data, the number of earthquake victims in Turkey has reached more than 19 thousand, the injured – more than 77 thousand. The whole country and other countries help. Hotels accommodate homeless people, and airlines offer free tickets from affected areas. Our rescuers are also clearing the rubble. They are also looking for Russians.
Despite the tragedy, Russian tour operators report that there are practically no cancellations of trips, and summer tours to Turkey are being successfully sold. Moreover, Moscow and Ankara are working on an alternative to the Mir payment system.
Thursday, February 9, marked the 100th anniversary of Russian civil aviation. At the concert, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian authorities would continue to subsidize air tickets for privileged categories of citizens. And soon the construction of a new terminal building at Sochi Airport will begin.
On February 6, China resumed organized group tours to Russia and 19 other countries. True, it is not worth waiting for an influx of guests from the Celestial Empire. Organized tour groups from China cannot travel to us yet.

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Getting to Sri Lanka just got easier. Since March, the number of flights between our countries will increase.
In Egypt, the rules for buying alcohol in Duty Free have changed. The limit on alcoholic beverages has been increased, but you will have to pay tax: at least $13 per liter.
Good and bad news came from Thailand. There, the maid returned the Russian tourist’s diamond earrings, worth more than two thousand dollars. Another compatriot was not so lucky, he was arrested by the Thai police for his illegal work as a guide.
Russian resorts have their own problems. First of all, the weather. In the Kuban and Adygea, the threat of avalanches still exists, and in the Crimea, the highest waterfall froze.
Animals suffered in Sochi. In the village of Akhshter, the safari park is closed and literally deserted. As a result, scientists in Sochi saved 25 animals, including those listed in the Red Book. Raccoons and jackals came under the auspices of the Caucasus Reserve. Everyone was worried about the fate of the bear. A clumsy guy named Winnie the Pooh, the last person left in the garden barn, has been transported to the Sochi Geographical Society base. There he will live until the beast finds a decent place.

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