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“Hitler injection” warning in Egypt


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Egyptian presidential health adviser Dr. Mohamed Awad Tag El-Din warned against using the “Hitler injection” to get rid of severe colds.

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj ad-Din commented on the appeal of some to the so-called “Hitler injection”: “It is inaccurate and unscientific. a lot of health problems.”

He added: “There is the common cold, and there is confusion between flu-related colds and some corona cases, and some chronically ill patients are more prone to corona and cold problems and complications.”

The consultant stressed that the patient should see a doctor and prescribe appropriate treatment after diagnosis.

A man died in a tragic accident on Monday in Ain Shams after he suffered a medical error after giving a “Hitler injection” at a pharmacy, after the advice of a pharmacist claimed his life.

Ahmed Darwish, Amr’s uncle, a victim of medical malpractice, said in television statements that Amr asked the pharmacist not for an injection for a cold, but rather for a cure, and she advised him to give him 6 injections. in two steps.

Source: Egyptian media

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