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Homeless Syrians offer tents in earthquake-damaged Jenderes


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Generous volunteers and philanthropists have come together to make a remarkable difference, providing tents to thousands of people affected by the devastating “disaster of the century” dubbed the earthquake in the town of Jenderes in the Syrian city of Afrin.

The small town of Jenders is devastated by the earthquake, hundreds of homes are reduced to rubble, and many homes are left cracked and uninhabitable.

Tragically, the disaster claimed more than 500 lives, and left thousands more homeless.

Afrin Local Council and humanitarian organizations set up temporary shelters for earthquake victims. Meanwhile, the Syrian Civil Defense teams continue search and rescue operations.

Nawaf Abdoun, one of the earthquake victims, told Anadolu Agency that he survived but lost his home. Abdoun indicated that shelters and schools are full, and whoever owns a house lives between four to five families.

“We could not find a house to take refuge in, so we resorted to tents that were not prepared to withstand the harsh weather, nor to shelter families,” he added.

Amin Haji Sado, a resident of Jender, lost his house in the earthquake, so he pitched a tent next to its ruins to live in.

Al-Hajj Sado explained that they are unable to pay the monthly rent for the house, which is about $100, expressing his hope for the reconstruction of his town with the contribution of philanthropists.

On Thursday, a Syrian non-governmental organization said that the earthquake resulted in 171,843 displaced people in northern Syria.

In Syria, at least 3,688 people were killed and more than 14,749 injured by two powerful earthquakes that struck southeastern Turkey on February 6.

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