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How Low-Calorie and Caffeine-Free Drinks Aid Fat Reduction, According to Swedish Scientists


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Drinks Low in Calories and Caffeine Can Help Reduce Body Fat, Say Scientists

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According to scientists from the Swedish Karolinska Institute, drinks that are low in calories and caffeine, such as tea and coffee without milk, have the potential to reduce the amount of fat in the human body.

The Impact of Caffeine on Fat Accumulation

A study published in the journal BMJ Medicine reveals that scientists, analyzing the genetic data of approximately 10,000 individuals, have discovered that the level of caffeine in the blood affects fat accumulation in the body.

The researchers explain that certain individuals possess mutations in the CYP1A2 and AHR genes, which slow down the breakdown of caffeine. Consequently, caffeine remains in the blood for a longer period. Higher levels of caffeine in the plasma are associated with a decrease in body mass index, total fat body weight, and a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Caffeine’s Effect on Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

Short-term tests carried out by the scientists have indicated that caffeine consumption leads to weight loss and a reduction in fat mass. They hypothesize that caffeine increases thermogenesis and lipid oxidation in the body, boosting metabolism and converting fat into energy. However, the long-term effects of consuming caffeinated beverages remain unknown.


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