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How Many Russian Families Have Savings According to Survey?


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Moscow, March 30 – The number of Russian families with savings has decreased since the beginning of the year – now they are less than half, according to data from the Romer Research Decade, which the News Agency got acquainted with.

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The study says: “In Russia, the percentage of families with savings has decreased since the beginning of the year. In January 2023, 51% of surveyed families reported that they had savings, while at the end of March their share was 49%.”

Classification of Russian regions by the volume of bank deposits of the populationlook

It is noted that the number of families who prefer to keep their savings in Russian currency increased slightly (+1 percentage point), up to 41%.
29% of families continue to keep their savings in the bank, and 21% in cash. Others – in the form of deposits in real estate (5%), in foreign currency, government securities, precious metals (3% each) and others.
At the same time, 40% of the respondents believe that their savings will not last more than 3 months, 30% expect that the savings will cover 3-6 months, 20% – from six months to a year. According to Romer, “approximately 10% of families with savings estimated this period at 1-3 years, the rest – 3 years or more.”
The survey was conducted on a representative sample of the country’s urban population, and nearly 3,000 people participated in it.

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