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How much did Shakira earn from her “controversial” song, in which she collapsed on the Peak?


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Shakira’s song, which contained “sarcastic” allusions to her former life partner Gerard Pique, a former Barcelona player, is still collecting views and financial records.

In just 24 hours of being released on YouTube last Thursday, Shakira’s new song has reached 66 million views, and at the time of writing it has over 132 million views, making it one of the most popular songs in Spanish-speaking regions.

In one of the music videos for the song, Shakira mockingly tells Spanish football star Gerard Pique, whom she broke up with last year, “I traded my Ferrari for a (Renault) Twingo. I traded in my Rolex watch for a Casio watch.”

She also sang: “You are out of your depth, and this explains why you are with someone like you .. I flew to another plane and will not return here, because I do not want more disappointments.”

“You go to the gym a lot, take care of your mind too. (…) I will not come back to you even if you cry and beg me,” the lyrics of the song, which overshadows electronic music with Latin rhythms, also say.

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué reacted to the song in his own way, signing a contract with watchmaker Casio to sponsor the Royal League he recently launched, and driving a cheap Twingo car.

According to media reports, the song made Colombian singer Shakira a financial gain of $512,000 on YouTube, $500,000 on Amazon, $360,000 on Spotify and $1,200,000 on Apple.

During the “El Programa de Ana Rosa” program, singer Shakira’s earnings were collected from her last three songs, aimed at her ex-boyfriend and former Barcelona captain Gerard Pique.

Shakira has raised about $15 million from three songs to turn the separation and rift between her and her ex-boyfriend Piqué into an artistic success that has earned her huge financial returns.

Piqué, in turn, capitalized on Shakira being targeted by the Kings League organization to gain important financial backing, sponsorship and powerful publicity for his new competition.

Source: eremnews

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