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How much did the energy crisis cost Europe: list of the biggest losers in numbers


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Research firm Bruegel said Europe has spent almost 800 billion euros to tackle the energy crisis that hit it last year and caused inflation in European countries.

Brueghel’s study concluded that EU countries, the UK and Norway have spent 768 billion euros to fight the energy crisis, according to channels on the Telegram app that specialize in monitoring energy affairs.

The study took into account several factors, including measures aimed at regulating energy prices, reducing taxes and fees, and measures to increase subsidies for certain groups of the population.

The study did not take into account the costs of companies and the population due to rising energy prices and high inflation rates, which are factors that will contribute to the multiplication of losses.

The following are the largest European countries that suffered losses and spent money to resist the crisis:

1. Germany – 264.6 billion euros

2. United Kingdom – 103.3 billion euros.

3. Italy – 92.7 billion euros

4. France – 92.1 billion euros

5. Spain – 40.2 billion euros

Source: agencies

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