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How the Mane crisis is impacting Bayern Munich


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There are doubts about the continuation of the Senegalese star Sadio Mane at Bayern Munich for another season after the recent crisis between him and his colleague Leroy Sane.

Mane had an argument with his colleague Leroy Sane in the dressing room and punched him, injuring his upper lip, after meeting Manchester City in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final.

And soon the leadership of the German club with a meeting and immediate decisions turned to the punishment of the Senegalese internationalist for attacking his colleague Sani.

Mane was penalized by a team expulsion in his last match against Hoffenheim, in addition to a fine of around €300,000.

The quick punishment that fell on Mana at first glance seems logical, given the player’s departure from the text and his unfair attack on a colleague.

However, legend Lothar Matthäus expressed his admiration for the club’s hasty decision to punish Manet, while the administration has yet to announce the punishments imposed on the duo of Manuel Neuer and Serge Gnabry.

Speaking only of Neuer, we find that the veteran German goalkeeper made two fatal mistakes in just two months.

The first mistake was risking himself by skating on the ice during the holidays, which led to a turning point that ended his season, and the club then cost a lot of money, given his move, to bring him a replacement by signing Jan Schumer. mercato last winter.

Everyone expected the club, its first goalkeeper, to be punished for the sporting and economic damage caused by his recklessness on the holiday, but months have passed without the administration announcing any punishment.

And then, especially in February of last year, Neuer made fiery statements against the club’s decision to fire goalkeeping coach Toni Tabalovich, saying at the time: “This decision is a shame and broke my heart.”

Despite a direct insult to the officials of the Bavarian club and the release of statements from the administration, in which there was an implicit promise to punish the goalkeeper, two months after the incident, he was not fined.

This opens the door for accusations of double standards by the club’s management, regardless of the nature of the duo’s mistakes. However, going from a quick penalty against one player and slowing down against another confirms that there is a difference in the treatment of the players.

Some believe that Neuer got away twice, unlike what happened to Mane, because he was German, in addition to his big history with Bayern Munich.

While another part of the fans went to accuse the Bayern administration of racism towards Mane as he was an African player and not from Germany, especially after news broke that he was dropped at the end of the season and fielded for sale in less than a year. he joined the German team.

For its part, Sky Sport Germany revealed Mane’s own position on a possible departure, emphasizing that the player wants to prove himself at the Allianz Arena.

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