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How the Taliban Punishes Women Found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity


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On Friday, two international human rights bodies called for an investigation into the Taliban’s suppression of women and their rights as possible crimes against human rights.

A joint report by Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists – two NGOs based in London and Geneva respectively – details Taliban restrictions on the rights of women and girls in Afghanistan.

Since taking power in August 2021, the Taliban have imposed drastic restrictions on rights and governance has become increasingly authoritarian.

Women’s access to education and employment was limited, along with their ability to travel and obtain medical care.

“These are international crimes. They are organized, widespread and systematic,” said Amnesty International Secretary General Agnès Callamard.

The organizations have called on the International Criminal Court to include the “crime of persecution against humanity” in its ongoing investigations into the situation in Afghanistan.

They also called on the international community to discuss possible “sexual persecution and other crimes under international law by the Taliban” at the next session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Callamard said the Taliban’s actions need a stronger international response than has been seen so far.

“There is only one acceptable conclusion: the system of oppression and oppression on the basis of gender must be dismantled,” she said.

The Taliban authorities have not yet commented on the report. The Taliban has previously described such reports as biased and propaganda against them.

In April, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the Taliban to ensure the “full, equal, meaningful and safe participation of women and girls” in Afghanistan.

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