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How to Use Your Smartphone in Hot Weather: Expert Tips


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Moscow, June 21 – It is better to wear a smartphone in the heat without a case so that it does not overheat, and also not to open “heavy” applications on it, including online games, and in no case should it be artificially cooled – low temperatures negatively affect the News Agency, head of the department. Telephony in the MTS retail network Natalya Golitsyna, The job.
It is clear that phones are most susceptible to negative influences in cold weather, and in extreme heat – the battery can quickly lose its properties and become unusable. At the same time, the main signs that the device is overheating are that some element burns your hands, displays charging errors, or does not charge at all. In addition, the device may freeze, stop working, and its cover may deform due to a swollen battery.
“Modern smartphones cool down as quickly as they heat up, but protective cases made of silicone, plastic or leather make it difficult to get through to ventilation, as they act like an insulating envelope. This affects both the battery and other important components: the smartphone may have a negative impact,” Golitsyna said. “It slows down or stops completely, so in hot weather it is recommended to remove protection from your device.”

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She advised limiting the use of “heavy” applications, such as online games or video editing software. These programs consume a lot of resources during operation, and in hot weather the temperature of the device in the phase of active operation will increase several times. Turning on Power Saving Mode can also help with heating.
“If the charge level on your smartphone is close to zero, then you should wait for it to cool down. You can simply turn off the device for 15-20 minutes or put it in the shade. It is important to ensure that the sun’s rays do not fall on your smartphone when charging. In no case is it artificially cooled – temperatures negatively affect smartphone functionality.”

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