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Huge losses for Egyptian tourism in 30 years


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Egyptian Solidarity Minister Nevin Al-Kabbaj spoke about the great losses suffered by the Egyptian tourism sector over the past 30 years.

She explained that the idea of ​​studying the economic costs of terrorism began in accordance with the directives of the President of the Republic to more than one government and research institutions to conduct a comprehensive national study that tracks the economic, political, social and cultural costs of terrorism and the size of the costs of the state in connection with waves terrorism, especially during the period that Egypt has experienced over the past three decades.

She added that at the time of the announcement of the results of the study of the cost of extremism and terrorism in Egypt over three decades, which was carried out by the Ministry of Solidarity in partnership with the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies for 18 months, the study also aims to develop a partnership strategy between various government institutions, whether government or private, in addition to working to raise awareness among citizens.

She emphasized that this study is complex, since physical terrorism begins with thought and ends with action, noting that the study has proven that poverty in its various aspects creates an environment that incubates terrorism and is its driving and attracting force. exchange and investment opportunities in the country by influencing various industries, including foreign trade and tourism, where the total expenditure incurred by the government in the tourism sector was about 208 billion US dollars, and the estimated economic cost of terrorist operations is estimated at 385 billion Egyptian pounds, which equivalent to 24 billion dollars. As for tourism and economic devices, they amounted to 235 billion dollars.

Source: Cairo 24

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