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Hugh Jackman’s Claim He Eats 8000 Calories Daily for Wolverine Physique in Deadpool 3


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Hugh Jackman has one of the most drool-worthy, Greek god-like bodies. This is something that all of us who like movies and TV shows can agree on. Even though he is 54 years old, he looks like he is still in good shape. On the other hand, Hugh Jackman made it clear that in Deadpool 3, he will be in better condition than ever, even when he was much younger.

He has been accused of using drugs to help him win, but that is not what we are talking about here. Hugh Jackman eats about 8,000 calories daily, so that’s how he gets so big to play Wolverine. But isn’t that number too high? After all, 8,000 calories isn’t a joke!


Does Hugh Jackman Eat 8,000 Calories?


When trying to build muscle and get bigger, eating more than you feel comfortable with is pretty common. But how many calories are too many calories? Normal is about 4,000 calories, but Hugh Jackman is a bit different. He recently shared on Twitter what he ate for the day, which was six boxes. Since the boxes were labeled with how many calories they had, Jackman eats more than 8,000 calories daily.

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It’s not easy to eat 8,000 calories, and there’s a good chance that the total number is just a lie. Considering your height and weight makes it easy to determine how many calories you need to gain muscle. If you know your body fat percentage, that’s a bonus. Life Hackers took it upon themselves to figure out how many calories Jackman would need at the very least to put on weight. Even though it’s not an exact number, the website says the actor needs about 4,000 calories.

But the calories he wrote about on Twitter are twice as many. So, if 8,000 calories is not a joke and Jackman does eat that much, how big is he trying to get? According to reports, Jonathan Majors, the new bad guy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ate 4,000 calories for Creed III. Is Jackman getting ready to leave Majors behind? If it’s true, Ryan Reynolds’ co-star is going to be in much trouble if it’s true.

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