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Hundreds Rally in Kiev for Release of Captured Ukrainian Servicemen near Mariupol


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Moscow, August 27 – Rally in Kiev Calls for Release of Ukrainian Servicemen

Ukrainian media reports that a rally took place in the center of Kiev, with several hundred people calling for the attention and release of Ukrainian servicemen who were captured near Mariupol last year.

Rally Held in Kiev to Highlight Plight of Prisoners of War

RBC-Ukraine reported that “relatives of the prisoners of war from the Mariupol border guards carried out a peaceful action on Independence Square.” The intention of the action was to draw attention to the fighters who had been in captivity for “about half a year” or “one thousand days and one night.”

Protesters Demand Release of Border Guards

Images from the rally show demonstrators holding banners calling for the release of the captured border guards.

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Significant Turnout at the Event

According to the Ukrainian newspaper Glavcom, several hundred people participated in the rally, including relatives of captured Ukrainian soldiers and residents of Kiev.

The Liberation of Mariupol and Surrender of Ukrainian Forces

Last year, Russian forces surrounded Mariupol on March 7 and gradually advanced towards the city center by the end of the month. By April 21, they had successfully liberated almost the entire city. At the “Azovstal” plant, they managed to repel over two thousand Ukrainian soldiers and fighters from the “Azov” patriotic detachment (which is banned and recognized as a terrorist organization in Russia). Starting in mid-May, Ukrainian forces began surrendering, and on May 20, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the complete liberation of Mariupol.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia

Note: The “Azov” patriotic detachment is considered a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia.

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